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The Learners Lab Foundation is very excited to announce it will be finanlizing partnership agreements with IBM shortly. Thus far, The Foundations effort to secure OEM Partners for its Tech Hub has been moving slowly because of the unique requirements its brings. But as of today will that partnership includes IBM along with Dell Computers. Both empower us to provide access unparralleled technology savings to its patrons, awardees, partners, and other stakeholders. Having centralized access to technology, financial and other business resources at huge savings is the goal of our effort.

GOT A 411?
The Foundation is pleased to announce it has issued an Open Request for Applications (oRFA). The purpose of this oRFA is to help establish and support the Foundation's pool of "Go-To" Vendors to deliver web, grant writing and other services that will help support our Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) as well as our Charitable Programs and Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees.

A Procurement Page is currently under construction. Meantime, the oRFA is available for download as a PDF from Open Request for Applications (oRFA) Foundation Support Partnership (FSP), and in Word from Open Request for Applications (oRFA) Foundation Support Partnership (FSP).

InfoXchange, the Foundation's Newswire service supporting its Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) and Fiscal Sponsorship Program is under construction and hopes to launch in early 2018. Our Virtual Private Library/Lab (VPL) is also under construction and the current TLLF website migration to WordPress is underway.

Fellowship Program Announcements.. The Foundation will be launching its Fellowship Program beginning with our Grant Writing and Development Fellowship in 2018. Two Fellowships will be awarded for the inauguration of the program. Stay Tuned for details on how to apply.

The Learners Lab Foundation Launches STEM Working Group

The Learners Lab Foundation was overjoyed when asked by US News & World Reports DC Host Committee to participate as a member of the Host Committee for its National Leadership Conference here in DC. Not only did The Learners Lab Foundation support the “Workforce of Tomorrow” National Conference, we led the opening day events with a Workshop of Filling In Gaps as well. The National Conference took place at DC's Washington Convention Center April 4-6th.

The opening day workshop had a great turnout. In fact it was such a great engagement that we were able to quickly craft the structure for a pilot project featuring the attendees who genuinely wanted to keep it going. As such, Filling in STEM Gaps: The STEM Stakeholders Working Group was officially launched on Tuesday, April 10th and includes a few additional stakeholders key to its success in addition to the original attendees of the Workshop. The goal of this Pilot Project establishes and facilitates the delivery a Gap solutions that help STEM Stakeholders solve their STEM issues. The entire process will be documented and published, then be replicated with new groups of STEM Stakeholders who have gap issues to resolve.

The Working Groups scope of activities comes from the Stakeholders themselves the oversight and facilitation of solutions to assure their completion is managed by The Foundation. The result will demonstrate how a cohesive effort can eliminate issues that ultimately impact the entire STEM spectrum. While TLLF will be seeking funding for its operations, it is launching the effort and beginning its work "now" because of the urgency and overwhelming need for immediate help.

The Foundation has established the Working Group Pilot as a dedicated program focus and will be publishing this first initiative as a Master Reference and Guide for eliminating Resource Gaps in various types of STEM programs.

For more information or to contribute support, contact The Learners Lab Foundation at NoSTEMGaps@TheLearnersLabFoundation.org.

Fiscal Sponsorship Application Cycle Open For The 2018 Award Cycle

The Learners Lab Foundation launched its Fiscal Sponsorship Program the fall of 2015. We are very pleased to announce the application period is open for the current year. 

For information on our Fiscal Sponsorship Program and to apply, please visit Fiscal Sponsorship Program page which presents a detailed overview of the program, application process, fees, eligibility criteria and much more.

Need help but not a Fiscal Sponsorship? No problem. The Foundation's Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) is open for business and ready to help. TASC operates similar to our sponsorship program but without an application process or term limites. It does require a retainer and registration. For complete information, download The Learners Lab Foundation TASC Registration & Retainer Information Packet today!

Want to work with a young Foundation?

The Learners Lab Foundation has three focus areas of support: workforce training, organizational development for young & future 501(c)3s, and supporting other charities.

In addition to our business services vendors, we are also establishing a pipeline of trainers, instructional designers, executive coaches & professional development experts for project-based work and timelier deployment than the traditional solicitation process allows. We gratefully invite you to help support our efforts by registering to become a Foundation TEC Partner, as one of our “Go-To Experts” in your field.

For complete details, a copy of the full request and registration forms are available in Word and as a fillable PDF from Call for Training & ExecCoach Experts, a Foundation (TEC) Partnership and Call for Training & ExecCoach Experts, a Foundation (TEC) Partnership respectively. Onboard begins upon receipt of your TEC Partner Package. Outreach for pending needs, including those from Foundation partner or stakeholders will happen upon receipt of the request.

For our internal needs, TEC Partner(s) shall be including on the planning team for that product from cradle to grave. We have a pipeline of workforce training products lined up for production and are currently working to secure funds for go live of those projects. And for those who design and instruct for Employees with Disabilities (EWD), we really could use your help!

So thank you in advance for your time and consideration. We can't wait to partner with you.

We Hire Volunteers

The Learners Lab Foundation can always use a helping hand. Roles begin as a part time, unpaid-volunteer with flexible hours, with most designed to move to paid stipend then ultimately transition into full time positions posts once completely funded. There is never an obligation to go full time, each incumbant volunteer will have first right of refusal for the FTE opportunity.

So if you're interested in joining an innovative, pacesetting charity, with the autonomy to be creative, please check periodically for new postings. Thank you.

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