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The Foundations New Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) is also Open for Business

As a start-up and all volunteer foundation, we know first-hand the challenges and shortfalls that exist for those pursuing status as a tax exempt entity with regard to sparce resources and assistance; our own journey was far many too years in the making. To help eliminate some of these burdens, The Learners Lab Foundation serves as a Fiscal Sponsor as part of its role as a Public Foundation.

To qualify the Foundation's Fiscal Sponsorship Program, your organization or program must be a US entity located and operating within the United States.

To be eligible, you must have held your tax exempt status for less than two years, or be pursuing 501(c)(3) your tax exempt designation as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Please refer to the guidelines published on www.IRS.gov for eligibility criteria and clarification as to their definition of a tax exempt entity before submitting your application.


Be advised, The Learners Lab Foundation supports US entities operating within in the United States, its territories, and the District of Columbia. The Foundation is not chartered to sponsor or engage services on behalf of foreign entities, international organizations, or international operations of any kind, at any level, and will not entertain them.

To locate possible sources for this type of assistance, feel free to consult the San Francisco Study Center's Fiscal Sponsors Directory, a master database of US fiscal sponsors and their criteria.

Qualifying Categories and Application Fee Structure

TLLF’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program is tiered into four (4) Program & Technical Assistance groups, each is assessed a non-refundable application fee. The Program & Technical Assistance categories and application fee are as follows:

  • Category 1: Entities Pursuing Tax Exempt Status But Not Ready to File, $450
  • Category 2: Entities Ready to File for But Requiring Additional Assistance, $350
  • Category 3: Entities With a F1023/1024 Application Pending Before or Already Approved by the IRS, $300
  • Category 4: Entities Needing Only Grant Processing Services, status not a factor $250

Program Fee Structure

The Foundation initially assess two fees for its Fiscal Sponsorship Program:
  • a nominal Application Fee which is non-refundable and based upon the Technical Assistance Category of the application. This is necessary to off set the cost of vetting, technical assistance assessment, and mentor research, outreach & consultation, and other up-front cost -- all of which tend to exceed the fees value, and
  • the Program Registration. This is required to off set initial set up cost factoring in the uniqueness of each Awardee. It includes legal and other fees we incur on the Awardees behalf, as well as compliance accounts we are required to establish and maintain on the Awardees behalf. The registration fee is a one-time only fee of $500 for Category 1-3, $250 for Category 4. Awardees have 5 days from beginning the date they sign their Program Agreement to withdraw from the program and receive a refund should a change in circumstances occur.
  • Additional Program Fees. Additional fees beyond the application and registration fees may be assessed based upon the scope of programmatic or additional products and services requested. Fiscal Sponsors are obligated to assess Admin fees on financial donation to cover legal, liability and other statutory requirements.

Please be advised, this listing does and cannot reflect fees for the entirety of a given fiscal sponsorship program award. Any additional fees whether for consulting, products or services, administration, etc., where not possible or legal to provide complimentary, shall be assessed and discounted by the issuer at the time of rendering between the appropriate parties.

Participation in this program should not be construed as receiving products, services, or guidance at no cost, but instead the cost, when free or complimentary is not possible, shall be minimal in comparison to what it would otherwise be outside of this fiscal sponsorship opportunity.

Program Term

Fiscal Sponsorships with the Foundation are a 2-year, 24 month program. It can be exercised in 1 or more consecutive 6-month increments with no breaks.

In fairness to other applicants, we cannot entertain program renewals. Our goal is to approve every applicant that applies. However, the application is not an automatic invitation to participate nor does it guarantee admittance. But we do work to approve all applications, and hold those as "Pending" whose needs are not yet possible to meet.

Have International Insterests or Operations?

No Problem.

The Learners Lab Foundation understands not every need means a fiscal sponsorship, yet some level of assistance may be required to keep moving forward. That’s where TASC comes in.

TASC is the Foundation's Technical Assistance Services Center. It was established to provide fiscal sponsorship caliber assistance to young, new and start-up 501(c)(3)'s with needs that do not require a fiscal sponsor. The Center operates as a consultancy. Registration is simple, and work commences upon formal receipt of the TASC Registration and Retainer Form. There is a nominal flat Registration Fee of $350.

And while the Foundation is not chartered to operate or support operations outside of the US, US organizations and programs with International interests and operations may still register as a TASC Client.

As a charitable foundation, we can easliy develop a customized "Master List of International Fiscal Sponsors (MLIFS)” organizations and programs you can then pursue directly and on your own time table. The TASC Team conducts research and cross references with the National Directory of Fiscal Sponsors, the IRS's “Publication 78,” which is three (3) data tables listing all the nations Charities and Non-Profit Organizations, and other internally established resources. Registration to identify US Fiscal Sponsors is $250.

For assistance in identifying International Fiscal Sponsors, please download the TASC-Intl Registration Form from the link below.

Documents For You!

 Fiscal Sponsorship Program Application   Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) Registration & Retainer Package 

Please us the PayPal button to process your application or registration fee and include the receipt with your Submission. If you have any queries, you can reach the Foundations Program Office at FSponsors@TheLearnersLab.org for Fiscal Sponsorship inquiries and TASC@TheLearnersLab.org to address your TASC queries. The first available Program Officer will respond as quickly as possible. 
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