The Learners Lab Foundation ... A PUBLIC FOUNDATION & FISCAL SPONSOR 

The Learners Lab Foundation, is a public foundation headquartered in Lanham, Maryland, staffed with volunteers. We operate a Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) for existing tax exempts, design & manage a portfolio of Charitable Workforce Training Programs, and serve as a Fiscal Sponsor for young 501c3 start-ups as well as future tax exempt entities. The Foundation's operations will be centralized as both a virtual and brick-n-mortar facility, with open-access to individuals, groups, and employers nationwide.

The Foundation also awards a range of Non-Monetary Grants & Training Fellowships, and offers Complimentary Memberships & Fiscal Sponsorships as resources permit.

A 15-year dream in the making, The Learners Lab Foundation was originally established in 2002 as a service of and support structure to ED-Lab Online, another charitable endeavor ahead of its time.

Resurrected in 2012 as it own entity, TLLF with the help of volunteers, continues providing free and low cost business, training, and operations services, helping young companies get started, and supporting small, young, or new mom & pop operations. The true goal, however, remains focused on closing resource gaps for tax exempt entities, and eliminating workforce training obstacles that simply should not exist for a 21st century workforce.

Like What You See? Please Join Us, Partners are Priceless!

The Learners Lab Foundation is self funded by its Founder & CEO, and eternally grateful to the Partners and volunteers who make our operations possible. Helping eliminate barriers to training for workers and operational resources for new & young charities is our sole purpose. Whether thru reduced cost, access to materials, providing technology products, or something as simple as time, we appreciate everything we receive. But more is needed, and we can't do it alone. We hope you'll be inspired to Partner with us continue to make a difference for those who need it.

It Takes Money, Too!

Charities and today's workforce, they affect each and every person, community, business, and every dollar spent. Partner with us and help create opportunities that would not happen or could not happen in a timely manner...what could be more rewarding or fulfilling. But contributing today, your organization can be a Named Partner The Learners Lab Foundation would be proud to say is amongst some of our early, grassroots Supporters. So "Thank You" for considering us.

TLLF Partners:  Helping Us Serve Ingored, Underserved, and Emerging Markets

Not sure what type of Partnership to do? No Problem! We have a number of Partner Relationship Classifications to choose from. For instance, in our Charitable Program operations focus on workforce training, job assistance, and continuing education.

The Foundation has two primary focus areas served by three (3) program operation. The first is our Charitable Programs effort. delivered thru OEM or ("VPL") Training Vendor Partners and an open-access, subscription-based portal, the VPL. The VPL is The Foundations "Virtual Private Library/Lab TM." VPL Training Partners are OEM Training Vendors who partner with The Foundation to make their online training products available free or discounted. Among other stakeholders, as a VPL Training Partner, you will help our Fical Sponsorship Awardees, TASC Clients, peer organizations, and a huge variety of other stakeholders access the skill building tools they require to develop the expertise they need.

How will this work? Easy, "Vendor Listing." Using the ad rate model, OEMs Training Vendors will be welcome to register with The Foundation as a "Preferred Vendor Partner" and publish their products thru our proprietary VPL. There are several Tiers of listings, modestly priced, that offer a host of branding, co-branding, business advertising & directory listings. Preferred Vendor Partners will also receive "Partner Recognitions" on all The Foundations print and online media, including the main website, www.TheLearnersLab.org and InfoXchng.com, The Foundations online Newswire Service for Young, Future & Start-Up Tax Exempts anticipated to launch the Summer of 2018.

Work on our VPL is already underway. And with the current sites migration to WordPress also in progress, The Foundation is preparing to launch an "Early-Bird Registration Campaign" for OEM Vendors interested in listing at a significant savings before the VPL goes live. Once its launched, our membership program goes live and you will instantly help the unemployed, under-employed, transitioning military, adult literacy groups other start-ups, and whomever else qualifies for membership. You will also gain customers from all our stakeholders and partners, as the Foundation extends every product, service, and discount it receives as a "Thank You" for supporting or doing business with us.

We also have Operational Partnerships such as our Capital Campaign Partners if you'd like to have naming priviledges for any of the buildings, grounds, and walkways for in the brick-n-mortar facility we are planning, our Virtual Private Library/Lab (VPL) or TASC Operations. There's also the Corporate Partners if you'd like to sponsor a future Foundation program or services such as our Fellowship Program. Or maybe you would prefer to support an existing program The Foundation has already established such as InfoXchange, our Online Newswire for Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees and TASC Clients.

Another goal of our Corporate PartnershipPrograms is Partnering with several organizations to establish The Foundations Math, Science & Technology Center (MSTC). It's tag line is Math + Science = Technology, and that's just what we want to show. We also hope you'll join us on April 4th at the DC Convention Center for US News & World Reports, "Workforce of Tomorrow" national conference, a STEM Solutions Initiative. The Foundation is proud to sit on the Host Committee and you can attend as our guest. Use our discount code “LLFVIP” for Complimentary Attendance and register today while seats last at http://ow.ly/PFkc3041dlF #STEMSolve.

In this relationship The Foundation partners with a handful of employers to operate as an extension of their professional development strategy. Housed at our MSTC Facility, we hope to include staff training, continuing education, management training and coaching, new hire onboarding as well as hosting in-person tours where the employer show cases how they use science and math innovations in their work. We hope to reveal the endless spectrum of vocational and career choices that result from knowing Math and Science, co-develop mini-training sessions that introduce those career options, and do so all within this one facility. The Foundation intends to demonstrate how Math and Science is used from one company to the next, how Math and Science with other school subjects are used every day, why its important to a career or professional discipline, and how "interdependent" they are on one another.

Too much? Support our Fiscal Sponsorship Program. We have a Fiscal Sponsorship Partners who help us support our Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees and Mentor Partners who help them learn to operate their business or program. We have Fellowship Partners who sponsor and support the Fellowship Program of their choice, and Service Delivery Partnerships which are professionals who register with us to provide program-driven services. Those Partnerships include Trainers & Executive Coaches (TEC), and Business Services (oRAF). With many needs, there are many ways to help. Undecided, we welcome open contributions!

The Labor Codes and Categories impacted by The Foundation efforts include:
  • B30 Vocational Technical
  • C02 Management & Technical Assistance
  • C11 Single Organization Support
  • C19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.
  • J02 Management & Technical Assistance
  • J20 Employment Procurement Assistance & Job Training
  • J22 Employment Training
  • J11 Single Organization Support
  • J19 Nonmonetary Support N.E.C.
  • S50 Non Profit Management
  • S43 Management Services for Small Business/Entreprenuers
  • W02 Management & Technical Assistance
For information on how you can become a Foundation Partner, call us today at 240 770 7806 or more directly by email to FoundationPartner@TheLearnersLab.org. We welcome sponsors and partners from peers foundations, community groups, private undustry, government, for profit business entities, academic, training and other education institutions, individuals, and specialty groups.

The Learners Lab Foundation, "Incubator" of the Future, For the Future!.
The Learners Lab Foundation is eligible to receive tax deductible bequest, devises, transfers and gifts under section 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the IRS Tax Code. You may inspect the full language of our Letter of Determination at IRS Determination Letter for The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF).  
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